Looking for a "Code Complete" in Chinese

  • I'm trying to figure out how to communicate software design and code maintenance concepts with our off-shore developers. Code Complete is one of my favorite books in this respect.

    However, I do not see a Chinese version, and our off-shore developers have weak English skills (at best). Are there any good books written in Chinese on the subject at all? (I'm resisting the temptation to make a joke about the quality of off-shore development right here.)

    Also, is there any kind of certification that captures essential software construction concepts? I'm particularly interested in the low-level design and implementation principles.

  • Oh boy.  I think you've got bigger problems than finding Code Complete in Chinese.

  • Many bigger problems, in fact. Some personal and some business. That's probably true of every post here, however, so I don't see what your point is.

    Are you saying that you're not aware of any good Chinese software engineering books?

  • @savar said:

    Many bigger problems, in fact. Some personal and some business. That's probably true of every post here, however, so I don't see what your point is.

    Are you saying that you're not aware of any good Chinese software engineering books?

    Sorry, didn't mean to come off as facetious.  I agree Code Complete is excellent and no, I'm not aware of any Chinese software engineering books, good or bad.  I also have no problems with Chinese developers and I'm not trying to make a point about offshoring.

    I think what I was getting at is, you say the developers have poor English skills at best so I suspect there will be many simple communication issues and difficulties in getting requirements over etc.  Also, daft things like the time difference can be a major pain.

  • Ahhh, I see.... the post wasn't clear about it, but my company is already engaged with an off-shore partner, so like it or not I have several Chinese developers on my project. I've been doing this for 6+ months (it was something I knew I was getting into when I took the job), and the language barrier isn't as bad as you might imagine. Nor is the time difference -- which is actually pretty cool because you wake up and everything is magically done.

    The real problem is simply that these guys don't know anything about design, object-oriented programming, or maintainability. They can usually write code that is functional given a simple requirements document, but it is always poorly conceived. This makes sense to me, because here in the U.S. I never learned stuff like that in school either. I picked it up from the few sane senior developers at other places I worked, reading sites similar to this one, and reading books like Code Complete.

    I can't get rid of them, but I could probably push some type of certification if I can demonstrate that it would add value. Thus the question...

  • PS the real WTF is that the forum doesn't send me e-mails even though I'm "subscribed" to this thread...

  • (Disclaimer: I don't know any Chinese software engineering books. Nor any other Chinese books for that matter, save [i]The Art Of War[/i]. Thus entering the off-topic mode.)

    [b]How the failure can one develop software without knowing English?[/b]

    This is something I've never been able to understand. All(*) documentation is in English. All software is in English, particularly development tools. The global programmers' community's language is English; what are you doing in front of a compiler if you don't know it? IMHO, you won't climb past the "plz send teh codez" stage unless you are able to read an English tech book and parse every sentence in it.

    Now, the capability to [i]write[/i] English may not be so crucial,.. unless you want to post on discussion boards and [i]not[/i] get ridiculed. Frankly, I have no desire to reply to a post that has random and/or missing punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

    <font size=-3>For appropriately small values of "All". Void where prohibited.</font>

  • Please stop being ignorant.

    There are translations of application, of development tools, of books (maybe not the book we're talking about in this thread), and of compilers. There are non-English documentation, communities and forums. The only thing in programming that CAN'T be translated is the syntax of the programming language itself; however in this case it really requires a minimal knowledge of English (much much less than that needed to read a book).

  • The exception being macro editing 'crap' in excel?

  • Turns out there might actually be a chinese version. I was looking at cc2e.com today and found this link: http://www.cc2e.com.cn/

    Obviously I can't read it, but it does seem promising.

    Unfortunately it's foobar right now: 

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  • If you click on the image of the book, it brings you here. It seems you can purchase the book here.

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