What the hell kind of error description is this?


     I mean, seriously? Really? You typed that? Really?

     Back to my boring day of "work"...

  • Not that funny, but your post reminded me of a user experience I had many years ago.  It was a 911 dispatching system, so used 24x7x365 and folks were logging into the system at shift change which, depending on the agency, could be all hours of the day.  The system was programmed with snarky messages, which most people seemed to enjoy.  For example, if you logged in at 3am, it would say "What in the world are you doing here at this hour?"

    So I had a few slow days and thought that putting a fortune cookie app into the logins would also amuse folks.  I know, I know, fortune cookie apps are stupid, but that actually wasn't the problem I had with it.  Nope. 

    The problem was that there were actually folks out there who thought that I (the invisibile computer programmer) was sitting by just *waiting* for people to log on so I could type the cutesy message at them.  The folks who yelled "don't you people have better things to do with your time?" ruined it for the people who actually did like the fortunes and I had to remove the app.

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