Survey developer-centric?

  • I cannot be the only one reading TDWTF whose day job does not involve software development.  The survey is kinda narrowly phrased, I can't really answer most of the questions, there should be a N/A option for most of them.

  • I agree. I mentioned something to this extent in the comments. I do web programming exclusively, and 90% of my programming work can't really be called an "application" in the sense that it's gmail or youtube or somesuch. My work rarely involves an IDE, or building. I produce my glorious shit with EditPlus. The survey also didn't list ASP/JScript.

  • My day job does involve software development. But I can't really answer most of the questions either.

  • I do web dev for a newspaper, and the best fit would've been "Manufacturing", except that it's not a national paper.

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