TV set to Vibrate

  • I've been watching a lot of the Olympics, or at least had it on a lot while working on the computer.  There's one commercial that keeps grabbing my attention, and I think I've finally figured out why:

    It's a Chevy commercial with a female speaker.  During the first half of the commercial, there's a low rumbling sound.  I thought that it was overamplified bass in the music, but it doesn't seem in sync.  On further listening, it sounds to me exactly like the sound of a cell phone ringing in vibrate mode.

    Are advertisers inserting vibrate sounds to subconsiously grab our attention?  That's annoying, but oh so clever.

  • Are you sure it isn't something vibrating in your room? 'Cause that's
    what sound is, like, and if it's low enough it vibrates things in the
    room too. Bass, yeah.

  • I guess it's inevitable... people are getting higher and higher quality
    home TV setups, so even though they can't reproduce 3-8Hz frequencies
    to affect your emotions they can probably get some of those frequencies
    as harmonics.

    I couldn't live without the sub-bass and surround on the new battlestar galactica series tho 😉

  • Do you remember that "X-Files" episode with the top-secret submarine communication system using infrasound transmitters? And did you ever wonder about the strange manhole cover in your back yard? That's where the sound comes from: they camouflage it as an TV ad 😉

    HTH, Torsten

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