Inventing a new scripting language...

  • Apologies if this has been posted before - it occured a while back and I only thought to post it now!

    So "Bob" (names changed to protect the innocent - and guilty!) was poking through some old code trying to figure out why his changes to the Javascript client-side validation code were not taking effect. He couldn't quite figure it out - the script code was definitely THERE in the web page, but he couldn't make it execute, even if he copied and pasted the code into a brand-new page and called it in the onLoad event handler. Finally Bob gave up and called "Sammy" over to help. Sammy glanced at the code and here's what he saw:


    <script language="javcascript">

    // here is all the old code

    // here are Bob's changes



     Take a close look at that <script> tag... That's right, someone had misspelled "javascript" and stuck an extra "c" in there!

     Bob swore that he never stuck a "c" in there, but no one had noticed the problem before. Finally "Evan" came by (Evan was in charge of source control) and said "Well we can find out who checked that in, and when... just look in SourceSafe's version history! Strange that nobody caught it before..."

    So they looked in SourceSafe's version history and guess what? Evan had checked in the "javcascript" code in one of the very first checkins of the file, over two years ago! And NO ONE had noticed!

  • But everyone knows it's called "JScript"?

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