Full article view?

  • Occasionally I get kicked back into summary mode.  Often, those times coincide with a lack of any summaries on the front page with the handy "Switch to Full Article View" link.  How do I rectify this situation at those times?

  • Please detail the steps necessary to reproduce this issue.

    Links from the homepage are just linsk to detail pages; there's no funny cookie-based JS involved.

  • When viewing only the short version of each story on the front page, sometimes there is a "Switch to Full Article View" link at the bottom of a story.  I click that link, and then I can see the full text of every article on the front page.  My front page view stays like that for some length of time, possibly associated with my login cookie, and eventually changes back to the short view.  Unfortunately I have been stuck in the short view for a while now, without seeing that link to switch.

  • Interestingly, I do not have that "Switch to Full Article View" link.

    What I have is, at the top of the article list, a tiny set of links that say "Display: Full Articles | Summary" that switch accordingly.

  •  Aha, thank you.  I never noticed those links before, always relying on the unreliable links in some of the story blurbs.

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