Student Loan WTF

  • I recently moved an just went to the to update my address.  This is what I found on their homepage

    <FONT color=red>Systems Outage<!--Systems Outage--> ....

    We are currently updating the systems for the Direct Loan Servicing Center and Direct Loan Web site. We anticipate the update will be completed May 13th. During this period, account specific information will be unavailable on the Direct Loan Web site. You may call the Direct Loan Servicing Center on May 12th to receive general account information, however we will be unable to update your account at that time. If you have scheduled a payment during this time, your payment will be debited after the system update with no unfavorable impact to your account. We apologize for any inconvenience.</FONT>

  • Do you suppose they'll let me hold off all my payments until May 13th with no unfavorable impact to my account? I could use the interest...

  •  Yeah, it seems like this kind of thing happens a lot with them and they have a "template" that they place up for the gp.  Maybe they will lose your loan info!!

  • I think the best part was that everything stopped working, not just the login. You can't see it now, but not even the contact us and privacy links at the top were working.

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