• @belgariontheking said:

    @strcmp said:

    You should have thought about what you were doing before anyway, just don't run excessive queries...
    That's not very fault tolerant.  I had no sooner clicked "Execute" than I realized that the ORDER BY statement would cause it to sort 200 thousand rows with three cascading sorts.  Without the ORDER BY, the query returns immediately.  Shouldn't I be able to cancel it so I can comment the ORDER BY and get the data right back?

    Heh, this is not the only reason to cancel queries. I remember sending a query to a 3 million row table which was searching without using an indexed column. After 1 minute, I decided to cancel the query ... and the cancel button just didn't do it! Somehow, the development DB doesn't seem to like cancelling queries. Doing the same thing in the production DB works without a problem.

    Maybe Sybase is TRWTF? Oh, and I use Aqua Data Studio, as our DBArtisan license expired sometime around March. Its pretty good for what its worth.

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