Please Tell Me How To Do My New Job

  • About 20 years ago, I worked for a now-defunct financial entity. In another team in my department, "Kumar" was a developer. Although there was a series of common libraries, he functioned by copy/pasting source code from similar systems into his own.

    Fast forward 17 years. He is now a second level manager at another financial company, and has about 100 people under him. Come bonus time, he decides that instead of giving everyone a bonus based upon merits and accomplishments, that only a small handful of folks will be rewarded. Ok, bonuses are not mandatory, but at least in this industry, you put up with all the BS because it's expected that you'll get paid.

    Given the slight, I and most of the senior staff walked out. During my exit interview, he tells me that he got promoted to a new position, that he doesn't know how to do the job, and could I please offer him some suggestions as to how to do his new job - that he got promoted to by screwing me and all my peers...

    What is with these people?

  •  Does he have mental issues?  Like brain injury or something?

  • Maybe (hopefully) he just got "promoted" to garbage collector and doesn't recognize it as such.

  • It's quite normal to 'promote' people ways from jobs they don't do well.

  •  This guy is obviously a master at saving the company untold amounts of money.  He should be given a HUGE bonus!  You should stop whining about not getting your 2% bonus and be happy that you worked for such a brilliant guy.

  • @Master Chief said:

     Does he have mental issues?  Like brain injury or something?

    He would have by now if he did that to me!

  • @GettinSadda said:

    @Master Chief said:

     Does he have mental issues?  Like brain injury or something?

    He would have by now if he did that to me!

    Some of the stories I've read on here, I honestly have no idea how you guys keep your professionalism and sanity intact at the same time.  I especially love the interview ones where the companies/interviewers are such a joke, I would stumble out laughing.  It must be a skill acquired with age or something.

  • The year before I walked out, this guy's group had built some new software that was ahead-of-the-curve in our little niche, and made the department look good. The guy who wrote it moved on, and when most of the senior staff walked out, the remaining team was not up to the task, and this group was the LAST in the industry to support industry-mandated upgrades; the company was really embarrassed; the guy probably got a raise for that too!

    Personally, as long as I can come out ahead financially, I'm willing to tolerate it. But when that carrot is taken away...

  •  plz send me teh mangmnt skillz?

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