WTF in Rhyme

  • Found this comment in some code I maintain.  It's not a huge WTF, but it did amuse me.


    * Not sure what this one is about
    * When in doubt, comment it out!


    The quality of the code really is as bad as this example makes it seem and I think this comment sums up the developer's attitude well. 

  • I found the following in a rather WTF'y class of an old VB app, that was used for an even more WTF'y reason, a while back:

     <James brown voice>Hoouugh HA. I'ma bit machine...Houuughh!</James brown voice> 

    This code is full of comments and WTF.  Its the bit processor class that I posted before alex wiped the side bar a long time ago.  I'll post it again to make sure it hits the archives. 🙂

  •  Yes, commenting out code never causes any problems.

  • Maybe it's just a programmer making a feeble attempt to become a writer again, like I'm doing.

  • From a small script I wrote recently:

    badchrs = re.compile(r'['"()[]{}|?]')
    spcchrs = re.compile(r'(\s|[.-])+')
    def massage_name(fn):
        # We don't need no steenkin' badchrs!
        fn = badchrs.sub('', fn)
        fn = spcchrs.sub('
    ', fn)
        return fn.lower()


    For those that don't know, this is a reference to a line from UHF, which was a reference to Blazing Saddles, which was a reference to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.


  • @morbiuswilters said:

    * Not sure what this one is about
    * When in doubt, comment it out!

    Dr. Seuss did C?

    I wonder if this comment caused the now-infamous Debian OpenSSL bug...

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