Child Death Review

  • There's nothing funny about the death of a child. But that doesn't we can't still have fun with child deaths! At least, that's the impression I get from looking at the Child Death Review.

    Maybe it's just Kurt (who send this in) and I, but are these really the most appropriate stock images the National MCH Center could have picked?

  • That really, really isn't appropriate. I'm a bit touchy on this subject
    because one of my good friends lost her little girl in a car wreck
    caused by a drunk driver and I don't think that she would take very
    kindly to the kid playing the guitar. Maybe there should review their
    articles a bit more before posting them anywhere.

  • Wow. Its amazing the impact of completely and totally inappropriate
    stock images. I feel sad and nauseated all at the same time.

    Perhaps this is a website better off without images at all. Y'know... Given the serious tone of the site.

  • They have non-related pics for every one of their "causes of death" pages.  [:^)]

  • Seems to me like a case of too much easy web page designing software and too little thought.

  • Is that supposed to mean the kid was too busy playing his guitar while skipping across the road without looking left and right?

  • poor taste my friend.

  • poor taste indeed. reminds me of when i travelled to Vietnam, and they
    had a museum, which was an old prison for prisoners of war, and all the
    wax models of POW prisoners in the cells all had happy smiling faces.
    still makes me laugh. but then id also like to point out that pro-gun
    websites, with pictures of models holding guns while trying to sex-ify
    it, is also what I consider poor taste. Killing people and animals is
    soooo sexy.[Y]

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