Hotfixr - Google Ads vs IE8

  •  I heard today of a site called Hotfixr that...well...I've still to figure out what the heck it does that the microsoft support search doesn't do already...maybe that's the WTF?

     Anyhoo - I was being nosy and wanted to see what font they used, so I viewed the source of the page to find this in their code...

     Hotfixr WTF

    I'm not sure if this is an official M$ website, but it's still quite funny nontheless!

  • From the source:

    function canHas()
    Is this lolcode or what? Nice WTF site. The Testimonials are also worth reading.

  • @Pol said:

     <title>Hotfixr - Get your fix today !</title> 



    So basicaly, they're selling drugs ?


    PS : Nice use of an image to post code. 

  • @Monkios said:

    PS : Nice use of a [b]JPEG[/b] image to post code.


  •  UK readers should take note of the language usage here:

    "Google pricks."


    "I say old chap, Google is pants."*

    This is how it's done, people.


    *Referring here to Lloyds is WTF.

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