The ultimate Irish girl game and more!

  • I originally posted this in response to another thread this morning but figured it probably deserved it's own.  I know I do not need to enlighten anyone here as to who Irish Girl is.  Well while searching the web for pics of irish girl to throw into the image below I got quite a surprise.  so much in fact I decided to hide it in the image to see if any of you can find it.  If you do in fact find it you will know you have it.  Belgarion was the only one to find it this morning and he seemed VERY happy.  If he decides to he can post a hint in here.  You will find it hard to drag one out of me though. 

     WTF? or fullsize at <FONT color=#88aa88></FONT>

    Also here is another image, for your viewing pleasure.  This is what belgarion and morbius missed after they stayed at a bar in boston and I left to go shoot a club night.  what can I say you two should have come along.
    club shot

  • Facebook link. Hidden near a wall of text.

  • correct.  sent you a pm with who that link belongs to.

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