Screen Readers and 64-bit windows

  • Riiight.

    I dunno why I'm posting here, as it's hardly on-topic, but a lot of people with a lot of different backgrounds post here, so I have a question.

    My fiancée is blind. She's computer-literate to a surprising degree, while she's not a programmer she is a relatively advanced user of computers and the features and "useful stuffs" thereof, healthily scheptical of spam and virus tactics, so all in all I'm proud of her. She just bought a new computer (we live a bit apart so i can't really BE THERE to help her right now) and she ran into a problem. Appearantly her screen reader doesn't work on 64-bit windows, which came with the computer.

    Now. One obvious "solution" is to install a 32-bit windows, but that's hardly satisfying, now is it?

    So. Does anyone know a GOOD screenreader that runs under 64-bit windows? And how much would one have to pay for such a program?

  •  Since you didn't mention it, I presume you're not aware of the one that ships as part of Vista (Windows Narrator)? 

  • Your assumption is entirely correct... I was, in fact, NOT aware of such.

    I'll have a look at it, I guess. I don't personally need one, and in fact I seem incapable of using the computer once one of these has taken over it, so...

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