"What's It Like Being A Rocket Scientist?"

  • From the same friend of mine who told me the story of The Inside Job. All names have been changed to protect the guilty.

    (10:50:09 AM) Wannabe_Script_Kiddy: Hey Cy... do you know how to hack people over battle.net on Star Craft?
    (10:50:38 AM) 'Cy': ...You're asking the Security Operations Manager how to hack?
    (10:50:46 AM) 'Cy': Please tell me you're high.
    (10:52:09 AM) Wannabe_Script_Kiddy: A guy named Goblin on Star Craft keeps harrassing me and my buddies, he keeps taking over our private channel too... I want to change his password... hehehe...
    (10:52:45 AM) 'Cy': Well in that case. Got Windows XP?
    (10:53:00 AM) Wannabe_Script_Kiddy: Yes
    (10:53:10 AM) 'Cy': All right, know how to get into Command prompt
    (10:53:18 AM) Wannabe_Script_Kiddy: huh?
    (10:53:28 AM) 'Cy': Go to Start, Run, type in command and press ENTER
    (10:53:55 AM) 'Cy': Should put you in a black window with white text
    (10:54:04 AM) Wannabe_Script_Kiddy: got it
    (10:54:10 AM) 'Cy': Then put this in. This'll prepare him for whacking
    (10:54:15 AM) 'Cy': shutdown -s -t 5
    (10:54:20 AM) Wannabe_Script_Kiddy: ok
    (10:54:26 AM) 'Cy': Press ENTER and watch the fireworks
    (10:55:27 AM) Wannabe_Script_Kiddy: ....
    (10:55:30 AM) 'Cy': Nighty-night

  • This is like the classic story where the hacker gets his target's IP address and runs a file deletion tool against that address.


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