Anyone knows old sun ultras?

  • Hi all,

    This might be a futile attempt to find someone familiar with with sun ultra sparcs, but I don't know many places where I can find an answer 😕

    I've got a sun ultra enterprise 2 recovered from some attic and would like
    to get it running 🙂 Unfortunately when I connect my pc to the A serial
    port, I don't get the console output 😕

    Jumpers are set to RS232 for both ports, there's no
    mouse/keyboard/screen connected (because I don't have them), pc's side
    is set to 9600/1/n/8... I suspect that serial output has been disabled,
    but have any way to check it...

    Is there any way I can reset OB to default settings in hardware? (like pc's bios reset jumper, or something similar?)

    Thanks for any ideas...

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    First, are you sure you have the right serial cable? There are so many different ways to wire two serial ports together that it makes ones head spin and makes directly connecting two intelligent devices together a pain in the ass.

    Second, you may as well procure the appropriate keyboard at the very least - they're cheap and common. You can also procure some quick adapters to make it use any regular old VGA monitor (finding a sun monitor these days is tough). A mouse won't be necessary unless you want to do... Mousey stuff.

  • I have tinkered with ultra sparcs before and having a original keyboard will help a lot. Some of the magic key combo's use some keys that aren't on pc keyboards. Apparently you can DO those combo's on pc keyboards, but that never worked for me for me.

    Also if you get bored with playing with them, you can still sell them 🙂 there are lots of companies who have stuff running on old sparc hardware that they won't or can't migrate and so they end up buying spare sparcs for parts.

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