Sun's idea of a follow up....

  • From Sun's "Core Java Technologies Tech Tips" newsletter, dated Feb. 11, 2006, it starts with this line:

    "The May 11, 1999 Tech Tip titled Reference Objects introduced the concept of reference objects, but didn't go into much depth. In this tip, you'll learn more about this topic."

    Thanks Sun, for letting me know.... nearly seven years after you first article about it.... Pfffff

  • <sarcasm> Finally!  I've been waiting for a followup to that article for seven years!  It's been consuming my every thought, hanging off my every breath, keeping me awake at night... </sarcasm>

  • well, you can't say they have short memories...
    Which other company would remember to post a followup to a tech bulletin 7 years after that bulletin?

    Must have some of those servers if they've memories that good!

  • 7 years of my life: wasted.


  • Java will be long-lasting. That's prooven!

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