Truth In Packaging

  • Found in my spam filter a while back:

    From:    "MinuteProfits" <> 
    To:    "MinuteProfits" <myemailaddress@noneofyourdangbusiness.where>
    Subject:    Earn $50 - $250 hourly!

    How would you like to make $50 - $250 every hour - starting minutes
     from NOW

    If you are ready to finally start making money online this is the
    right System for you.

     I have developed the "MinuteProfits" - System that allows you to stark
    making money
    on the Internet 15 minutes from now - without any investment or

     Frankly, I suspect said profits wouldn't be so much minute as infinitesimal, but fair play to them for being at least somewhat honest.

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