• Ex-Googlers launch rival search engine

    "Developers of new engine say it offers a more comprehensive way to search the Internet."

    Um, I don't think so!



  • Less than impressed so far here, as well. Just punching in what should be a fairly easy and common phrase for what I often use Google for (troubleshooting error messages) I fed it an easy one.
    Yes, that's not the exact wording you're going to see on a standard 404, however it is how a user may see/report the error. And relay it to somebody trying to help them. Google returns a mess of results by using the keywords. Cuil seems to vary between 1 singular result and telling me that there are no results, perhaps I should check my spelling. Yes this is an overly simplistic example but I would want better keyword searching to pull a proper amount of results before I used it.

  •  Well that term gave me 10 million results so I think that was a transient glitch... but holy hell that thing presents search results in an amazingly ugly way. Most people like Google search because it's concise, that's anything but.


    edit: Dammit, where the hell did my quote go. That was in direct response to Fonzy

  •  I don't like it too much, either.

    Well, "C# reflection" gave me 10 million results. So I clicked next page... Next page (pi=22. I know it's hard to say exactly what pi is, but most people at least get the 3.14 right)... BAM.  "We didn't find any results". I really wonder what they were just showing me, then. Random junk?

    I somewhat like the way the results are shown. Well, I'm not really impressed, but the idea is quite good. The result just sucks.


    Seriously, what kind of joke is this site?

  •  I would have to agree with the above. This site is horrible. If you go into their "About Us" area, broken links are every where. If they cannot even link their own site properly, how can they do the internet?

     I tried a simple search for my own website, and got 3 results showing that seemed completely random (2 were foreign languages), yet the results said I had millions of results? WTF?

  • Wow that site sucks.  Just for the heck of it, I search for "tcl open".  Normally, on google, searcing for programming language + command gets you some helpful ways to use said command.

    Cuil, on the other hand, assumes I need to download the programming language itself.  sigh

  • The "about cuil" link even worked for you. I couldn't even go there without seeing a 404.

    Poor results, pages that lead to 404s.....we have all been spoiled by Google.

  •  Good old CNet to the rescue. All I saw from news threads was how the "Google Killer" had been launched. Only forums seemed to have any sanity.

     This article about sums it up though:

  • Finally CNet to the rescue, the only news site I saw so far that does not claim this to be the "Google Killer":

  • I can actually see how the results layout might be more novice-user-friendly.  But they need to rethink the main page -- the black background for a portal-type site is just off-putting -- and it will never fly without a better name. 

  • I understand that new sites sometimes have issues, but I would have tested it on a larger scale before sending the "Google killer" press releases.  I had the same problem: try searching on more than one word and it returns nothing.  That's pretty pathetic.

    On the other hand, this fits right in with Virtudyne's Microsoft Office killer

  •  I'm using this link to search for information about a search engine called Cuil, but I'm just not getting any good results. :p

  • Google can tell me how to pronounce "cuil", Cuil can't.... 

  •  @ActionMan said:

    Google can tell me how to pronounce "cuil", Cuil can't.... 

    I noticed the same thing.  The fist thing I thought when I saw the name was "WTF is Cuil and how do you pronounce it".  I even spent some time looking around on their webste -- surely it would be in the "About Us" section.  Wrong.  When your name is a WTF, you're not getting off to a good start.

  •  i'm assuming it should be pronounced as "cool", in a sort of bill and ted's adventure, surf dude way.

    Anyhow, about the search engine itself, i think it sucks. it can't find my personal website and google can 🙂

  • I tried searching for my name, which in Google brings back my website as the first result and various other things I've contributed to.

    Cuil does bring back my website... sort of. It brings back a variety of sub pages, and not actually the home page. And it's all rather confusing: in Google, although the results are displayed in a linear fashion the highest ranked pages are displayed at the top. In Cuil, the columnar layour seems to be completely random, i.e. there isn't really a logical order to the search relevance.

    Definitely not a search engine I will be using, until they straighten it out anyway!

  • Cuil is pronounced "Cool" which makes the name even stupider. Yes it's Irish for knowledge, but who the fuck cares?

    I'm baffled that people still haven't learned what happens when you slate yourself as [Big X Name] Killer: you destine yourself for failure. 

    Cuil will now never be more than Yet Another Search Engine that's Not Google, so good job destroying your own product before it even got off the ground, guys!

  • I put my screen name into cuil and the only thing that came up was the
    worsethanfailure (!) forums. 

  • It also hard codes the displayed number of web sites you can search..  


    there could be millions more sites by now! 

  • @matthewr81 said:

     Good old CNet to the rescue. All I saw from news threads was how the "Google Killer" had been launched. Only forums seemed to have any sanity.

     This article about sums it up though:


     From the article you linked to...

    Sollitto said there were two issues affecting Cuil search quality
    currently. First, he said, "We are trying to give people different
    results." Cuil is pitched as an alternative to traditional search
    engines, and users should not expect the results to be the same. 

    Say what? What if the result they decide to exclude for the sake of "giving them unique results" was the exact page the user was looking for? Sometimes when I tell a friend of something I found on the Web, they'll ask me for the address. Usually I don't remember it, so I just tell them what I typed into Google, and about how far in I found the result. Most of the time, they can then replicate my actions and find what I was talking about. The way Cuil does it just potentially screws it all up.

    Google killer? No chance. "Ask Jeeves" gives me better results.

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