Glad I don't speak Spanish!

  • Just snapped this from the Barnes & Noble website as I was preordering Brisingr, the third installment in The Inheritance series (Eragon/Eldest).

     Brisingr price error

    I'm curious exactly what format that is in, as well..


  • At that price I would hope the "format" would be having the author come round and read it out to you.

  • I think I can see how this happens... 


    <font size="+1">1 Euro = 1.5601 U.S. dollars</font>


    @my calculator said:

    428.64 / 27.5 = 15.586909090909090909090909090909


    Slipped a decimal.  Probably someone got confused over one of those exchange rate tables where they list the prices of currencies with 3 decimal places.  So TRWTF is  blindly mashing together incommensurable data formats without paying attention to the units in which each set of numbers is based.


  • @my calculator said:

    428.64 / 27.5 = 15.586909090909090909090909090909

    Current peso/euro rate is 1EUR = 15.71 MXN. Maybe Barnes & Noble got the wrong exchange rate, and put the Mexican Peso price tag? It's in Spanish, after all...

  • It's possible for 3rd party merchants to list on B&N's site, so it's entirely possible this is just some jerkoff trying to take advantage of being the only one listing the spanish edition of the book on that site. 

  • I think you're paying for the revelation that Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have escaped alive from the huge battle against the armies of the empire.
    Or for not having to read the text "OATHS SWORN ... loyalties tested ... forces collide", which sounds as a cheesy trailer voice over.

    O damnation. I've spoilt it. Now you do have to pay $428.64. Or are you a member?

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