The log. in process...

  • so, i was trying to create an acct on and had trouble with their captcha. after i got it wrong 2 times, i nice javascript popup told me to call their number if i keep getting it wrong.

    i kept getting it wrong, maybe it doesnt work on firefox.. 

    here is the real WTF:

    if you call their helpline (toll free) at 977 244 1771

    a nice lady recording will tell you, and i quote: "we have recently upgraded the log. in process for the benefits.. blah blah blah"
    at first i couldnt figure out why they were talking about a log, and then i realized that who ever recorded this message must have not known what a "log in" is!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!


  • The WTF isn't that the lady didn't know what "log in" was, but that they didn't have someone QC the message before it was put out for the public to hear.

  • Good voice actors should read whatever is typed on their script, regardless of how ridiculous it sounds to them.  It's not their job to edit.  The downside is, of course, crappy recordings if an idiot types them.

    Old voicemail company I used to work at would occasionally get recordings in the following format...

    "LGN4765: Please enter your password, then press pound." and,

    "[Login help prompt - Text TBD]"

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