This guys system must be slow with MINUS 2 megabytes of RAM.

  • I just recieved this in an email- Made me chuckle. No wonder your machine is slow as hell mate!


  • At this rate I'd settle for just 1p for everyone who's still not familiar with unsigned integers.

    However, that doesn't explain having -9 GB hard drive space left:

    Gack Windows 98.

  •  Oh, Don't you worry! I'm aware of unsigned integers. The program isn't that old from what I can tell, you'd think it would have been tested with more than a gig of ram though eh?


    I've not seen Win98 do that before- Even with a corrupt file system, I wouldn't have thought it possible to end up with negative free space- unless it's calculating it by taking disk size - total file size.


    So, how do you go about paying back your debt of 9155mb- Give the big M 50mb a month?


  • I've seen win98 do crazy, crazy things with corrupt FAT filesystems. I had an old laptop with something like a 2 gig hard disk in it that would sporadically report that it had several ExaBytes free.

    TRWTF is that Win98 thinks it supports exabyte filesystems.

  •  People still use Win 98? WTF?

  • @damiensturdy said:

    The program isn't that old from what I can tell, you'd think it would have been tested with more than a gig of ram though eh?

    And give me a farthing for every program whose behaviour indicates the programmer should have known better. Besides, a 32-bit signed integer has an upper limit of 2 G - 1.

    @TheDude said:

     People still use Win 98? WTF?

    Of course they do. It's worth the substantially lower RAM and CPU requirements if you can ever figure out how to get it to work, and don't mind how few programs still support it. That's an old screenshot from 2001 though, before I upgraded that machine to Windows 2000.

  • @TheDude said:

     People still use Win 98? WTF?

    An employee from a firm which was our main customer at my previous job said he uses it for security purposes. Said he kept hearing about fixes being handled out by Microsoft for Windows XP every once in a while ("clearly, a system that needs to be fixed so oftenly is less secure than one that doesn't need to be updated so much"). WTF's everywhere...

  • I liked win98. Before the average home user had a Firewall installed, you could just use this old application- I forget what it's called, and knock win98 offline like this:

    Me: Blahblah

    Mate: Yadderyadder, Throws an insult.

     Me: Oh yeah? 3...2....1...



    Ahh, the gold old days. Who needs security?

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