Interview question of the day

  • As I was talking to a company about a Dev Mgr job an ordinary question came up about one of my past lives.  At least I thought it was ordinary.

    company: How did you get developer buy in?

    We were discussing a recent project I ran that was completed in half the expected time and 1/3rd of the allocated budget.  Translation, years and millions saved.

    me: We sat down and discussed the options until the answer was clear.
    company: Yes, but how did you get developer buy in for the solution?
    me: We conversed about it....
    company: How was that recorded?
    me: ... I get the feeling that your company doesn't do agile?
    company: Bah! Process be Praised! Everything MUST be written down on a FORM!  We need people who know and love the Process.


  • So what did they actually say?


  • @Zylon said:

    So what did they actually say?




    They conversed about it....

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