Small Town, WTF

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    GERALD, Mo. — Like so many rural communities in the country’s
    middle, this tiny town had wrestled for years with the woes of
    methamphetamine. Then, several months ago, a federal agent showed up.

    Busts began. Houses were
    ransacked. People, in handcuffs on their front lawns, named names. To
    some, like Mayor Otis Schulte, who considers the county around Gerald,
    population 1,171, “a meth capital of the United States,” the drug
    scourge seemed to be fading at last.

    Those whose homes were
    searched, though, grumbled about a peculiar change in what they
    understood, from television mainly, to be the law.

    They said the
    agent, a man some had come to know as “Sergeant Bill,” boasted that he
    did not need search warrants to enter their homes because he worked for
    the federal government.

    But after a reporter for the local
    weekly newspaper made a few calls about that claim, Gerald’s anti-drug
    campaign abruptly unraveled after less than five months. Sergeant Bill,
    it turned out, was no federal agent, but Bill A. Jakob, an unemployed
    former trucking company owner, a former security guard, a former
    wedding-performing minister, a former small-town cop from 23 miles down
    the road.


  •  the double-click-pop-up thing on is wtf-worthy imho, ... 

  • Story rules!

    I've taken to browsing NYTimes with my user agent set to "Googlebot/2.1 (+"

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