I'd like to be on the VIM side of this discussion, but I can't.

  • Does anyone have good resources or techniques for learning the funky features of VIM?  From memory I can modify a file, perform searches, and that's about it.  For anything else, I need to refer to my trusty VIM cheat sheet and I'm sorry to say but I am substantially quicker when I just click buttons and use hotkeys.

    At my current job, I convinced my boss to authorize the whopping $50 expenditure to take my 2.66 GHz celeron workstation from 256 MB of RAM to 768 MB.  Eclipse startup takes 15 seconds, but once it's started responsiveness is excellent.


  • Son of a gun.  I meant that post to be a response on the VIM vs. IDE thread.   I'd appreciate it if an Administrator or Moderator would move it.   But no big deal.

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