"Trust me...it's super legit" error message in OS X

  • Apparently, the SSL certificate for Plaxo.com expired tonight. OS X's default Certificate verification screen says "Trust me...it's super legit"

    OS X 10.5 Certificate Verification
    The only action I can take is Continue. No cancel, no exit.

  • @perlwizard said:

    The only action I can take is Continue. No cancel, no exit.

    What do you want? They said it was super legit!

  •  I just checked the website, and it's already switched certificates. They now use a VeriSign cert that's valid since 2007 and good for another year.

    I notice that you didn't get this in a web browser, but instead in the "certificate viewer." My guess is this is an old certificate that safari downloaded sometime in 2007 and OS X decided to hang on to. That explains why there's only a 'continue' action, although I suppose a 'delete' might be apropriate too.

    Is the "Trust me.." comment part of the certificate (the name?) or something OS X always shows?Definitely not the best chosen dialog then 🙂


  • Maybe Apple is trying reverse psychology?  I mean, if it had instead contained the usual technobabble about how public key certificates work and yadda yadda, just about everyone would just go "yeah, right, continue, whatever".  But with "trust me...it's super legit", there's at least a chance that you'll do a double take and actually stop to consider the possibility that the certificate might not be what it says it it.

    Alas, I suspect the string is actually something from the certificate itself.  But one can wish...

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