An almost-WTF-moment?

  • I'm currently coding a little utility that's supposed to facilitate the
    installation of a rather special combination of Port Monitor/Printer
    Driver, and at one point, while coding the routine that checks the
    status if an eventual previous installation, I created a little boolean
    status flag called "MonitorDLLIsUpToDate" which is supposed to reflect
    whether the file date of the custom port monitor .dll in the System32
    folder is at least that of the one I'm supposed to install... and when
    I had the sudden realization that the DLL I am comparing against might
    be missing (because it has not been installed yet) I was, for just one
    moment, tempted to use the "true/false/FileNotFound" idiom...

  • Do it for fun!  For added WTF points, define it as:

    int BooleanValueIndicatingThePotentialPresenceAndVersionOfALibraryAllInOneVariable;


    if ( Bool... == 2 ){ print "File not Found"; }

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