Canoo Ultra light client?

  • My rule of thumb is that any software package that says it automatically does something that a developer typically does, the only thing that automatically happens is a migraine.

    Has any one actually tried to or successfully used this product? 

  •  Sorry for not having seen this before. My response is maybe too late, but other readers may still profit, so here goes:

     Yes, I have used ULC before. I actually liked it very much. I don't use it these days because I'm a contractor and there aren't any ULC contracts at hand right now. I would use ULC any time again, though.

    I am not exactly sure what you mean with ULC "automatically does something that a developer typically does". ULC is, by concept and design, somewhere between a fat client (such as VB or Java Swing) and a thin client (such as your standard HTML web application). So, you basically have a rich client application (it is using Java Swing on the client side) without writing the client side code. The GUI (or a representation of it) is constructed on the server side. Once the ULC libraries have been installed on the client (and there are various means to to that) nothing further has to be done to run any kind of rich GUI application.

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