Who needs functions or objects when you've got the cfinclude tag?

  • Yea, yea....I'll say it first: the real WTF is ColdFusion.  The problem is that this former "developer" would have sucked at any language.

    Basically, script B was getting included on every iteration of a certain loop (over a query) in Script A.  Script B included 2 function definitions, and a bunch of procedural spaghetti-code.   The procedural spaghetti code in script B needed to be re-used on every iteration of the loop in Script A, but CF didn't like the 2 function definitions on the 2nd iteration because they were already defined when the file was included on the 1st iteration.  Unfortnately, script B is also included by many other pages too...  At first, I tried a simple:

    if( isDefined('function_identifier') )


        function function_identifier


    Which seems to work if the function is defined in the same file, but for whatever reason, didn't work when the function was defined in a previous include.  I finally had to place the function definitiosn in their own file (we'll call it Script C).  Script A included Script C once.  I added some code in Script B to check the CGI.SCRIPTNAME variable.  If Script B isn't being included by "Script A", then it will call Script C and define the functions.  SIGH

     I've seen plenty of code from this former developer like this.  She never quite understood that <cfinclude> wasn't meant as a substitue for functions/objects as a method of reusing code.

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  • Sorry I posted in the wrong forum.  Thanks for moving it. 

  • Was this developer's name "Russ", "Russell" or some variant thereof, perchance?

  • @morbiuswilters said:

    Was this developer's name "Russ", "Russell" or some variant thereof, perchance?
    Maybe, if she was particularly hairy.

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