Job Posting WTF

  • Would you want this job? (selected excerpts [there was neither rhyme nor reason as to context], grammar theirs)

    Heavy xxx experience.
    From the yyy side of the business (such as us [who is "us"?]).
    Dealt with integrating vendor packaged application (90% of the people on the street
    especially those ones who came from zzz companies build everything from scratch. These
    people are what I called typical developers).
    Integrator more than a developer.
    Not a manager, but the talent to work with people outside the group.
    The person who fills this job will spend 10%-40% working with Java in the first 6-12 month.
    I'm giving out these percentages so the person coming doesn't think that this is a Java
    developer position and gets board in a week.

    What I need is a person completely different that your typical J2EE developer.
    Here's the dilema. As you know [do I?] I manage a group that is responsible for ...
    As you know [again, do I?] it's the center of everything.
    Person must has a good experience with package xxx ...
    You have to prove you are a do-er before asking to be a manager...
    Who knows what is going to happen in the future?
    We can tune down the requirements for J2EE experience as much as possible...

    It rambles on for 2 more pages... So basically, it's a scripting job using some canned package, doing mostly paperwork.

  • Sounds like the kind of job posting SpectateSwamp would do. 

  • @PhillS said:

    Sounds like the kind of job posting SpectateSwamp would do. 

    No, it's real: dice

  • @snoofle said:

    Heavy xxx experience

  •  Ha, I bet a headhunter copy pasted exactly what the client emailed them, and never even tried to read it.

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