Interview wtf

  • I interviewed at this company, which went as follows:

    Aside: the manager of the group had just hired another employee the week before, so he knew HR and his boss' requirements...

    1. phone screen - passed - no problem
    2. come in to take written test: allocated time: 1 hour; it took me 6 minutes to code it
    3. come back in for second people/tech-out - answer all manner of stupid can-you-guess-the-solution-to-this-puzzle questions - passed
    4. job offer comes monday night
    5. tuesday morning, the headhunter calls me to tell me that the job offer was pulled, and that the second level manager wants to meet me - is the guy just feeling left out? No, it turns out he wants to hire a friend of his.

    Alrighty then; stuff happens. Why TF did he bother calling me back for a third meeting if he had no intention of hiring me? Just to show an utter disregard for my time?

    I am choosing to believe that I dodged a bullet with this position...

    WTF is wrong with people?

  • Either he wants to give you a chance to really "wow" him (because he wants an excuse to hire two people instead of just one), or he genuinely felt bad and thought explaining it to you in person was the right thing to do.  If it were me, I'd feel pretty scummy rescinding a job offer. 

  • The second level manager can't just tell his colleagues "Don't hire the guy you like; hire my buddy". He has to say that he interviewed you and you're not a good fit and oh by the way he knows somebody much better. Your time is meaningless - the interview is just for show. 

  • Did he tell you flat out that he rescinded the offer, made to you, so he could hire his friend?  It's pretty strange either way and a bad reflection on professionillism.

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