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  • I recently got a new computer, and the soundcard on it came with an annoying piece of software... It pops every time I plug something, it displayes a baloon everytime I unplug something (Thanks for telling me, I guess in their company it's an every day occurence where a jack just unplugs itself and runs away screaming) and lastly it puts an icon on the notification area that I never will use (that of course means it has a process running all the time and on startup, but that seems to be common practice... At least it's only 27 MB...).


    But the TRWRF is the that it provides a way to select where is your computer so that the it can "optimize" the sound. Here are the options, followed by random jokes about the most WTF-y of the places:

    I just moved into a padded cell for the next 10-15 years...


    So when the global warming finally hits, I could still listen to music underwater (of course, it should be quite a short song as I can't hold my breath for a lot).
    Ah, nothing like listening to music while eating a mastodon in my cave, with Barney and Wilma...

    Actually I can go on for a while, so I'll just let you continue from here.


    P.S - Notice the SwampShack isn't there... Does it mean I should update it? 

  • aah, the fresh smell of a mug in the afternoon..

    really, those are just effects to apply to the outgoing sound, not some config that should be applied for better listening of sound in those circumstances 😕

    tho yeah, usability of this is rather none.- 

  • Reverb is a WTF? ... ok ... must ... be ... a ... slow ... day ...

    Actually I can go on for a while...

    Yeah that's kind of the point ... 


  • Seriously reaching on this one. 

    <hints id="hah_hints"></hints>

  • @Mikle said:

    But the TRWRF is the that it provides a way to select where is your computer so that the it can "optimize" the sound.

    TRWTF is that you think it's for "optimizing". The tab specifically says "Sound Effect".

  • I have a similar program (Relatek HD Audio Control Panel), do you have a Realtek HD Audio sound card?  There should be an option on the auto-popup dialog to turn it off.  Anyways, I have had a weird problem with it that only the OK button shows.


    (The Deezer program is something I made to make it easier to access Deezer and to provide nice effects.)

    I like the special effect "Room" best.

  • I was gonna dig up some historic info on the use of reverb in modern recordings so I started with a little google search but I guess google wants me to read french articles regarding an american folk hero ...

  • @Mikle said:

    Ah, nothing like listening to music while eating a mastodon in my cave, with Barney and Wilma...
    Damn it, there's a mug for people like you.  Barney and Wilma don't live in caves, and even if they did, I'd expect they'd live in different caves, seeing as they're married to different people.  I suppose they could live in some sort of apartment or condo cave, but they don't live in any sort of cave.

  •  Barney and Wilma had an affair after Barney caught Betty with Mr. Slate. That's when Fred switched his car insurance to Geico ...

  • @ZippoLag said:

    tho yeah, usability of this is rather none.- 

    What do you mean — none? I remember setting this to "Dizzy" and then spending all night listening to WaAaAaAaAa...

  •  not a wtf... most similar programs have these presets:




  •  My mainboard also has a realtek audio chip and I have the same software running. You may not be aware of this, but the various audio jacks (I have 5 in the back of the PC, 2 on the front panel) are all multiplexed and you can configure the purpose in software. I can have mic+line in in the front, or line out, headphone out, etc. It's even possible to have multiple audio streams going and have, for example, music playing through the rear outputs connected to the speakers while skype audio goes to the headphones only. Very handy. If you don't need it, you can disable the notification, but it's useful if you plugin in various devices in  the same connector.

     The environment selector has nothing to do with your environment, as amusing as that may be. The sound card can do some post processing of the audio and add a number of effects (echos, bandpass/equalization, etc..) This could be used by computer games to produce different sounds based on the environment (more muffled for carpet,echos for smooth surfaces, etc.) The audio software just provides a way to demo these effects to create the impression as though you're listening to whatever music in the given environment.


  • Lol, I have the same control panel, and I too thought it was for optimizing your speakers depending on your environment. I actually read up until "cave" before I thought twice about it.

  • These kinds of effects on output have been around for like 10 years now, at least. Ever since EAX came about, I presume.

    TRWTF is thinking that a 3€ sound card chip can "optimize for your listening environment". Not even a 3000€ sound card could do that without some heavy-duty microphone measurement work.

  • Mug!

    The SwampShack setting sounds like the audio has been re-recorded though a camcorder and layered with a track of insane babbling about medicine stones, alien flyers, dino mummies, and Jam It! 

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