Best error message ever

  • I saved this screenshot from a (thankfuly) long-ago terminated job.


  • Best I ever got was a very old version of WordPerfect for Windows (I think it was Novel WPWin 6.1, it was in 1996).
    No screenshot, but the errormessage was "WordPerfect for Windows has caused a non-existent error in wpwin.exe".

  • "This error isn't here"

    "I always lie, including now."

  • I once saw this message of my TV Screen while trying to get a signal from my cable company...

    "Bryan said this wouldn't happen."


  • well just think of it this way, atleast wrong error handling is better than no error handling.

  • @paenis said:

    well just think of it this way, atleast wrong error handling is better than no error handling.


    Square wheels are better than no wheels, right?

  • Friedo, are you sure that this error message wasn't a result of your own brilliant programming?

  • BTW, were you a proofreader at this job? it's "thankfully" and not "thankfuly"...

  • @chester said:

    Friedo, are you sure that this error message wasn't a result of your own brilliant programming?

    Dude! u misspelt Brilliant! this forum should have auto correct on the spelling. we ALL know it must be said that it is 'brillant'.

  • I got an awesome error recently.  I connected an off-brand Smartphone to my computer via USB, and the "Install Hardware" wizard popped up.  The main screen said:

    <FONT color=#0000ff>This wizard helps you install software for:</FONT>

    <FONT color=#0000ff>   Generic Serial (PROTOTYPE--Remember to change idVendor)</FONT>

    <FONT color=#0000ff>If your hardware came with an installation CD, please insert it now.</FONT>

    I'd post the screenshot, but I have no idea how to post images on this forum.

  • @Albatross said:

    <font color="#0000ff">   Generic Serial (PROTOTYPE--Remember to change idVendor)</font>

    from a Belkin Wireless card's CardBus information:

    0000:01:00.0 Network controller: RaLink Ralink RT2500 802.11 Cardbus Reference Card (rev 01)

    I guess they were too cheap to get there own ID.  At least it was easy to guess which driver to use.

  • In my latest project, I wrote a dependancy-aware job scheduler, inspired by these great examples there's a try/catch around the main function, with a MessageBox.Show("Useless error message.");.  At least it's not lying...

  • Years ago, working with a database, it crashed with the following:
      There is this day born unto the root, a brother

  • Recently while typing in an account/password to put a machine on a different domain I was confronted with the incredibly helpful message "Error:  The parameter is incorrect"


    Cause, ya know, I don't really care WHICH parameter is incorrect.  (Turns out I was using a forward slash instead of a backslash to separate the domain\username)

  • Several years ago I was working on a scan tool for an automotive
    company here in Detroit.  It was a small embedded processor with a
    monocrhome LCD display, basically.  On boot, there were a few
    binary files of executable code that had to be read from a flash ROM
    into ram, and we had a simple directory structure that told the
    firmware where in the flash ROM the files were - the result of the
    company not wanting to buy a real flash filesystem.  Anyway, as
    you can imagine, if one of these files was missing, the whole thing was
    pretty much hosed.  And, of course, when I inherited this code
    there was no error checking - if a file wasn't actually there, it
    loaded garbage and executed garbage.

    So I decided to put some error checking in.  If, by some bizarre
    stroke of wtf-ery, one of the files was missing, I'd display an error
    message.  Since the customer didn't know what they wanted to have
    displayed in this situation, I simply printed out a string in the
    middle of the screen reading "WE'RE HOSED!", turned off all interrupts,
    and entered an infinite loop (which is all you could do if this stuff
    wasn't there).

    Of course, in the next release of the software, the "impossible"
    happened and one of those key files didn't get burned to the release CD
    ... so everyone's tool started popping up the "we're hosed"
    screen.  It was hilarious.

    Needless to say, the customer decided on a slightly more appropriate string pretty quickly.

    Is it a bad sign that all of the wtf's I've posted so far are my own? 😮

  • nothing wrong with that error message, if you're hosed you're hosed 😉
    You might have included the reason why you're hosed though, could be handy at times.
    Something like "Error 2425723552, seems we're hosed" would have been more appropriate, and then add a 1000 page section of error messages to the manual, all but a few of them bogus ones 🙂

  • Yeah!  Now you're talking!

    The new one was something like "fatal error: <filename> does not
    exist or is corrupt," substituting the actual file name where it's
    obvious.  But of course when that release went out, they'd fixed
    the problem with the file as well, so no one ever saw that particular
    error message.

    Oh well.

  • Few days ago, during the installation of a hardware driver I got an access violation error. I pushed the
    message box away and a new one appeared showing the funny y/n message dialog:
    "Good bye! [yes] [no]"

    (btw: the [no] button didn't make things better [8-)] )

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