Makes sense

  • Here's a tiny non-technical wtf to pass the time.

    Where I work we have a log (3-4 web pages with a database backend) where we write the tasks we completed, how long they took, the customer they are for, etc. You get the idea. Being such a pain in the ass to keep this updated we've had more than one meeting in the past where the boss would bitch and moan about people omitting entries. Of course the boss himself is notorious for not bothering to record his activities or simply adding the most lazy entries imaginable.

    Today I found this: "Check out 11, label 41".

    You might think some domain knowledge is necessary to understand this, but even I haven't the faintest idea wth it means. Maybe it's in code. Maybe it's output from an Improbability Drive. Who knows...

    It's a pity he wasn't around during WWII. They could have used him instead of bothering with all those Navajo speaker.

  • Sounds like Version Control notes, although I admit it is a bit vague.

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