Update on C#, Got Linux, Now what?

  • Many of you gave me some good pointers on my original post (here) for which thanks! I said I'd update you so here's what's happened since then:

    1. I've had no success at all in getting MonoDevelop to run on Debian 4.0 Etch.  This is a shame and I haven't given up yet, I've followed the suggestions posted in the excellent http://kevinfitzgerald.net/sto/monodevelop-debian-etch.html but no luck so far.  I will persevere and if necessary try this on a different distro - I know somebody said they ran it on Ubuntu (MPS, that you?) but I'm happy running on a non-Debian derived distro too.  All I get at the moment is "cannot open monodevelop.exe".

     2. I've downloaded Eclipse and NetBeans - both seem great to me, what do you reckon the shortcomings/advantages of each are?  Bear in mind I'm doing this for fun and the current complexity of my projects is cataloguing my CD collection.  Yeah, I'm that old.

     3. Part of this experiment (sounds grand but you know what I mean) is to learn something a bit new so I've decided to have a crack at Java.  All those who said it's very close to C# (yeah, I know Java came first) were right, got any hints for books/tutorials on Swing/EJB/other interesting stuff, other than the stuff on Sun's site? 


  •  1. This might be a stupid question, but have you installed mono yet?  I believe monodevelop  needs mono to run (as it's written in C#).  As far as distributions go, I know Fedora and OpenSUSE both have monodevelop on the installation disk (you have to choose to install the package though), but there's absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be able to get it to run on Debian. 

    2.  N/A

     3. Headfirst Java - This book is pretty great.  Has lots of swing stuff and is written in a friendly, interesting manner.

  •  If you think about developing WinForms applications, you might want to have a look at dotGNU portable.net too. This is a project similar to Mono, though it receives less attention in the media; last time I looked (well, some years ago, cough) its WinForms support worked much better than Mono's.

    Considering IDEs, Visual Slickedit supports C#  well and is also available for Linux. Though the USD 299,- pricetag might be a bit too high for your CD catalogue project 😉

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