Thanks for the reminder

  • Outlook decided just now (April 10, 2008 ~9:45 AM) to remind me about this appointment

    Gee I sure hope people haven't been waiting for me to join the call ...  

  • PEBKAC? Delete you own appointments

  • Actually it's a recurring from February 14 through May. Today's was cancelled by the originator (and removed) ... 

  • For the record, I really like Outlook's scheduling and inviting features.

    However, I've gotten this before, when my computer loses its connection to the E2K server (yes, we're using Office Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2000 ... and Office 2000!). 

    \Assuming that's what happened here, I guess the last cache your computer had was more than 13 days ago, and had been running purely from the Exchange server for the last two weeks.  All of a sudden, it's not connected to Exchange, so it looks at its own cache.  "Man, I'd better remind this fool about this thing that happened two weeks ago."  You may have actually attended the meeting and dismissed it, but not in your local cache.

    However, the error still makes me go WTF even though (I think) I know what's going on.

    Once, my boss forwarded me an old email, and it had a "respond by" date on it from the original email.  As soon as the forward hits my inbox, BAM!  I have a "62 weeks overdue" reminder pop up.   I took a screenshot, but it contains nothing interesting on top of what I've told you.

  • @belgariontheking said:

    For the record, I really like Outlook's scheduling and inviting features.

    I like it because I sync with my phone, and I am wayyyy more organized.

    Gets annoying when you actually realize how much work you have piled up though and it is sunny out...


    TRWTF is work.

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