CBS Fantasy Baseball

  • Maybe I'm going nuts on the new threads this week, but I didn't see how this was going to fit into another thread


    Look at the Today and Totals.  I'm pretty sure I didn't get 11 thousand runs this week, and I'm pretty sure my opponent hasn't had 34 billion at bats this week.

    Not a live error.  After I made the screenshot, I refreshed the page and everything was less ridiculous. 

    Hey, if the HP advertising thread can make it to 45 posts... 

  • Not to be overanalytical... but who on your roster was your first draft pick? Rollins? He is the only one who seems remotely first-round material. I assume you were pretty far down in the draft order, huh?

  • I drafted 8th and picked Jake Peavey.  I really wanted a good pitching corps, so I picked a lot of pitchers early.  I got Rollins in the second round, and then my next three picks were pitchers.  It seems to be working out, as I have the second highest score of anyone this week so far.

    This is my first year doing Fantasy Baseball, so I'm not hugely familiar with the players and my ranking was just how CBS ranked them.  

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