Windows function address to identifier

  • Long time reader, first time poster here! I have a question regarding me porting a *nix command-line application (C) to windows.

    My application keeps track of memory errors in a program. While the program runs, it prints out memory usage info and function stack pointers to an external file. Then whenever I run a report program (passing the client program and the external file as command-line parameters), it will print out information about all memory leaks, including function stack traces for when memory was leaked.

    The function stack traces are printed as a list of function identifiers, but they are stored in the external file as pointers. I use popen() and pass it the "nm" command to translate function pointers to function identifiers at runtime. I can compile the program on Windows alright, but I am unable to do function pointer to string translation at runtime. So my question is this:

    1. Is there some other windows-specific method I can used to translate function pointers to function identifiers, given the name of the executable file?
    2. Is there some command that I can use with _popen() which is similar to "nm"?

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice/comments!

  • AFAIK, the function names on Windows get crunched away, when the executable is linked (except the imports/exports, obviously). So, unless you have debugging symbols, you're boned. If you have them, try looking up the DbgHelp library in MSDN Library.

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