Is All There

  • When I'm not interviewing for a new position myself, I'm usually stuck in some conference room interviewing a candidate for our hard to fill web developer positions.

    This lastest candidate must have been from Greece or some country like that. His name was something like Popadopulous.

    Anyways, this guy sits down and I start to ask him some general questions. I ask, "Tell me about your most recent position."

    "Is all there." he responds.

    I was confused. The accent combined with the brief statement threw me off. "Is all there?" Then I get it. "Oh, you mean on your resume?"

    "Yes. Yes. Is all there."

    "It says that you worked on some financial software. Could you elaborate?"

    "No ask me technical question?"

    "Um, I'm referring to your last position. Just tell me a little bit about..."

    He interrupts me with, "Is all there. The resume. No ask me technical question?"

    I see that I'm not getting anywhere with him, so I say, "Ooookay. Um, tell me how you would implement the IDisposable interface."

    "Is too difficult question. Another please?"

    The funny thing is, we are considering hiring the guy. Because we need all the help we can get. And we're not too choosy these days. Job market is slow, most of the good programmers already have jobs, etc.

    However, I'm dreading having to work with the guy...

  • @CPound said:

    His name was something like Popadopulous.

    Papadimoulis, you mean? I see...

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