Quicken really sucks

  • It is so nice to finnaly catch on to how Quicken Sucks, I used to feel different about them years ago on the older versions.

    Now they force the version upgrades (35-55$)

    Charge for being able to download information into quicken (4$/month)

    Charge for bill pay option (6$/month)(bank offers it free, I now see)

    And even with all the money you pay you still have to pay if you need some help. 

    They purport to have these new features, Who really uses them anyway??  I have not met anyone who has used them. They pretent to have these value added services such as automatic downloads from your bank(one button), like there are no alternatives, actually there are some good alternatives I am sure-- Until now I never looked because I have typically been a "loyal quicken" user--- Brand loyalty-- I really must give up on that because lately the brands seem to be letting me down.  I liked quicken originally because they were Canada too....  All most of  us do is download a simple text file (encrypted-but simple all the same) I am definately going to check into other programs. 

    Thanks, Henry


  • Bummer Henry. I actually quite like Quicken, and have used it for many years. My upgrades have been free, and bill payment and transaction download happens through my bank, not the software company, and they do it for a very reasonable fee.

  • Quicken is unbelievablely bugging.  You keep hoping and praying they will fix it, but it never happens.
    Very bad database back end, frequently gets corrupted.  They pretend to have Tech Support.  Every answer is:" to complicated please call 1-800-India and have your credit card ready".  $25/each.  That's to fix bugs! 

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