Clap Hands

  • CPound here, coming out of hiding to give you another dandy of an interview story...

    The interview started off innocent enough. It was two guys on the other side of the table, one younger guy and one older guy. They were asking me some basic C# questions and everything was going fine. Until the question about polymorphism.

    They younger guy asked me what it was, so I started answering the question. I was looking directly at the younger guy while giving the response. Then out of nowhere the older guy starts clapping his hands. "Hey! Hey!" he starts yelling. "Over here! I'm over here!" meaning I should have been looking at him when answering the question.

    That ticked me off, to say the least. I told him directly, "Don't clap at me. You don't have to do that."

    The older guy got red in the face and started to make this "Opp! Opp!" sound, as if he was enraged.

    That was all I could stand, so I said "I'm out of here." and walked out.

    I could still hear that guy's "Opp! Opp!" sounds as I was walking away.

  • Just bring us the next interview story, its been awhile since we've had one. I'm sure you'll break a world record in number of C# interviews. Man, if they could just pay you for this...

  • @CPound said:

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    You forgot "Academics who think Polymorphism is important" didn't you?



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