Patent forsale

  • I have a registered patent for-sale. I am looking for an investor!

    I am hopeing someone will read this posting and be interested.

    thank you,


  • erm.... you dont feel like giving details?
    plus, most here are software developers - that means if its someone elses code, it should be free source.
    if its our code, its confidentiality should be defended to the last line.

    is your patent on code? no? go away. yes? go away.

  • This forum has appeared on the radar of spammers and hoaxers.

  • *and idiots

  • Actually the term or method "for-sale" cannot be a patent.

    It describes common words, "for" and "sale". The word "for" indicates an object as a target or something where is aimed to. The word "sale" refers to an exchange of goods and services.

    Both words, does not refer to anyhting new, or innovative, therefore, I have 100% doubts you have registered something "for-sale".

    P.S.: I did not have any patent yet (takes too much time..) but I have registered several trademarks 🙂


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