• This is from searchable database of items that can be made in a popular online game. 



    Oh really?

    I especially love some of the other suggestions ('Battery'? 'Hauberk?' Seriously...?).

  • Any chance that your search terms excluded that result? You only highlighted a portion of your pages. (Cooking seems to be fine, but you have "HQ" checked.)  

  • Yeah, I see other criteria checked on that page that probably disqualify this entry.

    Who's got the Mug?

  • Some more backstory here.

    The items are all from the online RPG FF11.  So far as I can tell, 'HQ' indicates that, with a high enough cooking stat, it may be possible to make either a higher-quality rare item or a +1/+2/+3 version of the same item.  AFAIK, there is no rare or HQ version of Meat Jerky (at the very least, it does not appear in the auction house list of sellable items), and a search for another item with HQ checked returned both the normal and a +1 version.

    The truncated words at the edge of the screen are 'Target', then 'Name' which is checked (as it should be for an item name search), then Description, then Items) .

    This is clearly a bug in their search engine and thus not a muggable offense by me; however, I'll cheerfully accept a free coffee cup. 


  • As for the suggestions, "Battery" does share a fairly long common subsequence with "Meat Jerky".  Even "Hauberk" has quite a few letters in common.  Of course, they probably could've cut off the result list a bit sooner, but then they might've lost some of the more useful results (like "Bison Jerky", which appears quite far down the list) as well.

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