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  • I might be wrong, but my post subject could be the most clever thing ever.  Anyways....

    Where do you guys go besides tdwtf?  This is the only board I visit everyday, and 99% of the time there's nothing new to read, so I start re-reading posts which gets very boring.  So, in hopes to give me something to do at work besides stare at tdwtf waiting for Alex to post in the afternoon, are there some other good sites anyone recommends?

  • I usually read news on slashdot for,.. nerd stuff.

    Recently I also added to my list of blogs in Thunderbird, usually there' s a lot of posts but IMO without too much substance. When I am in gaming mode I read through the posts on

    That's it basically. And of course I spend the rest of my time working on the ultimate WTF. I wish there were more WTF's.

  • @gonzo said:

    I wish there were more WTF's.

    Me too.  Apparently there are people, unlike me, who have things to keep them busy.  The only thing I do is repeatedly click F5 and get over-excited when I finally see a new wtf.

  • You could subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't have to refresh all the time 🙂
    But then again you'll be even more bored.

  • I usually read the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Delete which comes out mondays, wednesdays, and fridays:

  • Try .

    I read a local comp-sci board but that is about it.

  • I spend more time than I should on Wikipedia. Several times already I
    found myself diving into 8-hours "information safaris". It's amazing
    how much knowledge exists on certain topics.

  • There are plenty of forums out there!

    What do you like?  Cars?  Games? 

  • I've been wondering the same thing. There aren't any sites that I visit as much as this one. But i'm looking for coding tips from people more experienced. I like, but I don't want to be reading boring articles all day. I'd rather chat it up. The other day someone referenced which might be cool.

    Hi! I'm that signature virus. Copy me so i can spread.

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