Crystal Reports XI "error message"

  •  I have been reading WTF for a couple of months now.  I am so addicted to this site that I read all of the articles all the way back to like May 2005.

     On to the post....

     I have been working a lot with Crystal Reports XI lately.  I am writing a report that will use multiple stored procedures(as in about that a WTF itself?).   I noticed that my stored procedure didn't contain all the information that I needed, so I edited the stored procedure in SQL Server 2005.  To make Crystal Reports get the new updated version of the stored procedure, I did the "Verify Database".  I was then prompted with this very informative "error" message.


    Maybe it wasn't an error message at all.  The stored procedure updated correctly and the report works fine. 

  • For those of you who don't want to look it up: 

    [code]// MessageId: E_UNEXPECTED
    // MessageText:
    // Catastrophic failure

    TRWTF is that the message text for E_UNEXPECTED is "Catastrophic failure", my personal opinion is that "Unexpected error" or something like it would be more appropriate. 

    Also, I vote for renaming it E_SPANISH_INQUISITION

  • @PeriSoft said:



    I agree with this highly erudite poast. 

  • Two catastrophic failures reported in one week. <font size="-1">Nostradamus</font><font size="-1"> predicted something like this would happen.</font><font size="-1"> </font>


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