What happens when you move from a MVC framework to a Page framework?

  • A former dev here either didn't like ASP.NET, or didn't understand it fully. He was obviouslly a struts type of guy.

    Every event handler looks like this:

    protected void btnNext_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
                Controller.ProcessRequest(this, new SubmitChangesRequest());

    Controller.ProcessRequest is a HUGE static method that is full of IF/Else


    if (request is SubmitChangesRequest)
                        targetPage = PageViewMapping.SubmitChangesRequest


    and then it just does a server transfer to targetPage.

    HttpContext.Current.Server.Transfer(targetPage.ToString() + PageExtension, true);

    I'd give him credit if he wrote a really awesome MVC framework.

    But instead he wrote a horrible controller framework, and completely missed the point of having event handlers.



  • Should be relatively easy to port to microsofts MVC framework shouldn't it?

  •  Its just one section of a huge (8,000 file) application.

    And its not really MVC. Its just using a giant static method for flow control and calling it a controller, and then calling each aspx page a view. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


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