Configuration management tools?

  • I'm looking around for configuration management tools, cause we are using a 'build in house' tool here. And it has the tendency to do stuff wrong (cause of misconfigured components). I'm just looking around to see what is there on the market. We don't mind free/payed, opensource/closed source. As long as it gets the job done.

    Our requirements are:
    -Components are able to depent on other components. Dependencies can go 'unlimited' levels deep. Releasing a new version of a component should build all dependencies.
    -Dependencies are set on a version of that component. Executable X depents on  version 3.0 of library Y.
    -Must be able to build components under linux (as most of our software runs on linux)
    -Must be able to use CVS. CVS is the company wide archive, and it's beyond the scope of this tool upgrade to change that.

    Optional plusses are:
    -Integrated IDE (We are not all command line wizards)
    -Update checks, do dendencies have updated versions
    -Enforced strict build procedures. Current tool messes up because it can 'newer' files when building older components.
    -Useage of earlier build binaries to speed up building.

    Any good/bad experiances with configuration management tools? 

    (Or current tool is TRWTF so makes sense to post here ;))

  • Have you looked at Ant or CruiseControl?

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  • Looked at ANT. But looks like it can set dependencies on other 'components' but not on a certain version of that component. It builds the currentled checked out or 'latest and hotest version' if you will. We have products that use 'outdated' versions of our libraries and stuff for size&stability reasons. Which is something special I guess as most build tool don't seem to think about that.

    CruiseControl looks interresting to use on top of a build system. Guess we can start looking at that as soon as we have our build environment fixed 😶

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