Chinese gold farmers have funny Engrish



    <font color="#000000"><font size="3"><font color="#dc143c">Lowest Possible Price:</font>
    In the WOW(US), we offer lowest possible price, please have scare buying quickly. The early birds get the best!!!</font></font>

  • Biggest mug ever... I mean, this is seriously lame.

  • I'm a fan of the [url=]Chinese Alphabet Blocks[/url] myself.

  • <font color="#dc143c"><font size="4">P</font></font><font size="3"><o:p><font color="#dc143c" size="4">hone call confirmation:</font></o:p></font>

    <o:p><font color="#000000"><font color="#dc143c" size="4"><font color="#000000"><o:p><font color="#dc143c"></font></o:p></font></font></font></o:p><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000" size="3"><o:p>After
    we got your order,and we will email you to reply our email,after we got
    your email,and we will call you to confirm some information of your
    order.After we confirmed,and we will soon start your order.So that you
    can get your gold quickly.Hope you can understand us,thanks .</o:p></font></font>

     And then, we'll fax you a confirmation ticket. You will sign it and take a picture of it on a wooden table then scan it and email it back to us ...

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