ITT we talk about Scientology

  • In case you've been living under a rock for the last week, some serious Internet drama has been brewing concerning Scientology and Tom Cruise.

    I'll direct your attention to the following crazy-ass [url=]playlist of videos on YouTube[/url] ([url=]watch them before they get deleted[/url]).

    And then Tom Cruise had a very short and cryptic acceptance speech at the SAG awards. I wonder if something's bugging those guys... 😃 

  • @kirchhoff said:

    serious Internet drama

  • I'm going to grab lunch, do some work, listen to some Orbital (fuck I need a shot of In Sides) and generally do anything execpt involve myself in this utterly stupid, fundamentally redundant, conceptually bankrupt topic.



    I'll say it in internet sp33k:


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