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  • Where I work, a toolkit has been introduced which was written by another programmer here. It wraps up effectively web application programming and provides some higher level functionality to speed development up.

    As part of this, a simple IDE has been produced which allows you to modify the entities that make up the application - this is where the syntax highlighter/editor would be required - of course, we can open the data files in another editor such as visual studio or whatever but one of the ideas of the project was to "put everything in one place"

    I think it has its benefits but also it has its downsides- I prefer certain tools to develop with, but with keeping to the theme of putting everything in one place, this means the "toolkit ide" needs an editor that handles syntax highlighting.

    Searching for lexical analysis will probably help - i dont suppose anyone here has written an on the fly highlighter before? it's one thing writing one that highlights a block of static text, but then if you are expected to type in the block of text and have the highlighter keep the highlighting up to date, you don't want to make a pass over the entire document every time a key is pressed.


  • appologies, this should be a reply to my original post - i hit the wrong button and didnt realise til it was too late.

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